Powerade launch zero-calorie sports drink

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 12th May 2008

Powerade, a brand under the Coca-Cola Company banner, has tried to enhance their offering with the creation of a sports drink with no calories.

Powerade Zero, the first sports drink from a major brand to offer zero calories, is Coca-Cola’s response to the range of new options by market leader Gatorade.

Gatorade, a division of PepsiCo, introduced their own low calorie option last year -‘G2′. G2 was designed to keep hydration levels high off-field and has proven very popular. ‘Tiger’, a drink with added electrolytes, and ‘A.M.’ have also been launched by Gatorade to assist them with maintaining their market dominance.

Vice president of marketing at Powerade, Matt Kahn, is confident the new drink will be a success. “We think we have the right strategy … to take Powerade up a notch,” he told USA Today. “We expect big things from Powerade Zero.”

Kahn’s optimism is warranted based on the success of the G2 product which, after being released a mere four months ago, has already captured 8% of the US sports drink market according to Beverage Digest.

The flood of new sports drinks available is in response to demand from non-athletes seeking a healthy and hydrating sports drink.