Asda roll-out 2p sausages to help families deal with rising food costs

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 6th June 2008

Discount UK retailer Asda has attempted to quell consumer concerns about food prices by providing sausages for the low price of two pence.

Asda has provided prices low enough that they claim a family of four can serve up a meal of bangers, mash and carrot for under £1.60.Asda’s sausage buyer Jenny Liggat indicates the move is simply a ploy to help families struggling with the economic downturn. “Families are feeling the impact of the credit crunch in their pockets,” she said. “Our Smartprice ranges are very popular with customers and we thought the idea of a 2p sausage would be welcome news in the aisles.”

Asda has seen overall sales of its own brand Smartprice sausages and bacon rise by a massive 48.2%.

The deal, available on packs of 8 sausages for this week only, is symbolic of the growing trend among food companies to provide meal options at very low prices.

In the US, for example, McDonald’s has introduced a small menu of items at $1 with Wendy’s and Burger King selling double cheeseburgers for the same amount. The idea behind such initiatives is to ensure that customers continue to frequent the restaurants during difficult financial times and encourage greater loyalty amongst their customer base.