NZ chocolate company wins big at international awards

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 18th December 2017

A New Zealand chocolate producer has won numerous medals from two international chocolate awards.

Hogarth Craft Chocolate has taken home a Gold medal from the 2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards in the Flavoured Dark Chocolate Bar category for its Gianduia and Dark Hazlenut chocolate.

The chocolate producer also received two silver medals in the Dark Bean to Bar under 80 per cent category for its Gran Blanco and Acul du Nord.

At the 2017 International Chocolate Awards, Hogarth won Silver in the Micro-batch – Plain/Origin dark chocolate bars category and a bronze in the ‘naked’ filled chocolate bars for its Gianduia and Dark Hazlenut Chocolate.

Hogarth Craft Chocolate is run by Marina and Karl Hogarth out of a small factory in Nelson, New Zealand. Their chocolate is small batch with all chocolates hand wrapped.

Hogarth’s says they use minimal ingredients and is focused on preserving the natural flavours within the cacao.

Karl previously worked as a sailor and the chocolate’s design reflects his journey from sailor to chocolate maker, along with the journey cacao takes to reach New Zealand.

A chocolate producer from Geelong, Victoria, was the only Australian winner at the 2017 International Chocolate Awards with The Smooth Chocolator winning two silver medals in the Micro-batch – Plain/Origin Dark Chocolate bars category.

Complete list of winners – 2017 international Chocolate Awards

A complete list of winners from the 2017 International Chocolate Awards are as follows:

Plain/origin dark bar categories

GoldShattell Chocolate  (Peru) – Chuncho 70%

Plain/origin milk bar categories

GoldTobago Estate Chocolate / Pralus  (Sweden) – Laura ( * Pralus)

Plain/origin bars

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

GoldFriis-Holm  (Denmark) – Chuno Tripple Turned 70 %
GoldPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Tutu Iku 70%
SilverAmano Chocolate Company  (United States) – Amano Dos Rios
SilverBonnat Chocolatier  (France) – M. Libanio
SilverFriis-Holm  (Denmark) – Chuno Double Turned 70 %
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – LaCumbia 70%
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Los Ríos 72%
SilverSoma Chocolatemaker  (Canada) – Vietnam Tien Giang
BronzeBonnat Chocolatier  (France) – Apotequil
BronzeBonnat Chocolatier  (France) – Cusco
BronzeDick Taylor Craft Chocolate  (United States) – 72% Belize Dark Chocolate
BronzeFruition Chocolate  (United States) – Wild Bolivia Dark
BronzePacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Esmeraldas 60%
BronzePacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Manabí 65%
BronzePacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Piura 70%
BronzeSoma Chocolatemaker  (Canada) – Porcelana
BronzeUtopick Cacao  (Spain) – Nugu 70%

Micro-batch – Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

GoldShattell Chocolate  (Peru) – Chuncho 70%
SilverEast Van Roasters  (Canada) – Pangoa,Peru 70%
SilverHogarth Craft Chocolate  (New Zealand) – Gran Blanco – Peru
SilverHummingbird Chocolate Maker  (Canada) – Alta Verapaz
SilverLetterPress Chocolate  (United States) – Ucayali, Peru
SilverThe Smooth Chocolator  (Australia) – Belize 70%
SilverThe Smooth Chocolator  (Australia) – Vietnam 70%
SilverZak’s Chocolate  (United States) – 70% Dark Guatemala Lachua Cacao
BronzeAra Chocolat  (France) – Chuncho 70%
BronzeAra Chocolat  (France) – Porcelana 70%
BronzeCastronovo Chocolate  (United States) – Signature Collection – Nicalizo, Nicaragua 70%
BronzeFresh Coast Chocolate Co.  (United States) – Madagascar 70%
BronzePalette de Bine  (Canada) – Pérou Marañón 70%

High % plain/origin dark chocolate bars (85% and over)

GoldAra Chocolat  (France) – Chuncho 88%
SilverNina Fine Chocolates  (Peru) – Nina 85%
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Raw 100%
SilverPotomac Chocolate  (United States) – Upala, Costa Rica 85% Dark

Rough ground/textured plain/origin dark chocolate bars

GoldMinimal Bean to Bar Chocolate  (Japan) – Fruity Berry-Like / Fine / Colombia / 65%
BronzeMinimal Bean to Bar Chocolate  (Japan) – Fruity Citric / Bolivia / 67%

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars made with alternative natural sugar

GoldPalette de Bine  (Canada) – Bine à l’érable, wild Bolivia 70%
BronzeLa Rifa Chocolatería  (Mexico) – Barra Blanco Marfil

Plain/origin milk chocolate bars

GoldTobago Estate Chocolate / Pralus  (Sweden) – Laura ( * Pralus)
SilverFruition Chocolate  (United States) – Brown Butter Milk

Plain/origin ‘dark’ milk chocolate bars (50% and over)

GoldFriis-Holm  (Denmark) – Dark Milk 65 %
SilverChocolatier Palet d’Or  (Japan) – Artisan Tablette Bitter milk 51% Madagascar (**)
SilverMaraná  (Peru) – Cusco 50% – Milk Chocolate
SilverMaraná  (Peru) – Piura 50% – Milk Chocolate
SilverPump Street Bakery Chocolate  (United Kingdom) – Pump Street Chocolate Peru Maranon Milk 64%
SilverSirene  (Canada) – Lachua Dark Milk
BronzeBonnat Chocolatier  (France) – Morenita
BronzeChocolate Tree  (United Kingdom) – Ambanja (Madagascar) Milk
BronzeFruition Chocolate  (United States) – Maranon Canyon Dark Milk (**)
BronzeMeiji  (Japan) – Vivid Milk
BronzeSoma Chocolatemaker  (Canada) – Fazenda Boa Vista

Micro-batch – Plain/origin milk chocolate bars

GoldOmnom Chocolate  (Iceland) – Milk of Nicaragua
SilverOmnom Chocolate  (Iceland) – Milk of Madagascar
SilverTA.CHO taller de chocolate  (Mexico) – Ámbar 46% Finca “El Paraíso”.

Rough ground/textured plain/origin milk chocolate bars

GoldSoma Chocolatemaker  (Canada) – Old School Milk

Plain/origin white chocolate bars

SilverChocolates El Rey  (Venezuela) – Icoa White Chocolate 34% Cacao
BronzeDaito Cacao Ltd.  (Japan) – Raw Sugar White

Flavoured bars

Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

GoldPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Lemon Verbena
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Cardamom
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Lemongrass
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Merken
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Passion Fruit 60%
SilverQantu  (Canada) – Érable & Fleur sel de Maras (**)
BronzeCacao Hunters  (Colombia) – Cacao Hunters Cafe de Edi 61% (**)
BronzeChoc Amor  (United Kingdom) – Bitter Orange
BronzeDesBarres Chocolate  (Canada) – Black Pepper Cardamom (**)
BronzePacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Andean Mint

Dark chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

GoldAmano Chocolate Company  (United States) – Amano Raspberry Rose (**)
SilverÅkesson’s  (United Kingdom) – Akesson’s Bejofo Estate 75% Trinitario Cocoa & Black Pepper- Organic (**)
SilverÅkesson’s  (United Kingdom) – Akesson’s Madagascar Bejofo Estate 75% Trinitario Cocoa & Pink Pepper – Organic (**)
SilverÅkesson’s  (United Kingdom) – Akesson’s Madagascar Bejofo Estate 75% Trinitario Cocoa & “Wild” Voastiperifery Pepper- Organic (**)
SilverHummingbird Chocolate Maker  (Canada) – Honey Lavender (**)
SilverLe Chocolat de H  (Japan) – Black World
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Goldenberry
SilverQantu  (Canada) – Peppers’ Dance! (**)
SilverThe Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Cranberry Pine
BronzeFriis-Holm  (Denmark) – Dark Nibs (**)
BronzeFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Taiwan No.5 62% (**)
BronzeNugali  (Brazil) – Dark chocolate (63% cocoa) With Cupuaçu Brittle (**)
BronzeSweetic  (Hungary) – Caramelized pecan & granola dark chocolate bar
BronzeSweets Escalier  (Japan) – Madagascar sancho japanese pepper

Dark chocolate bars with a filling

GoldClement  (Germany) – Clement Single Malt Whisky Chocolate
SilverBenoit Chocolats  (France) – Caramandes®
SilverCadeau Bonbon Manufaktúra  (Hungary) – Quadrat szilvás – Quadrat plum

Rough ground flavoured dark chocolate bars

SilverDonna Elvira  (Italy) – Cioccolato di Modica – Arancia
SilverDonna Elvira  (Italy) – Cioccolato di Modica – Peperoncino (**)

Naked’ filled dark chocolate bars (filling only, no coating)

GoldGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Gianduja Fondente (**)
BronzeHogarth Craft Chocolate  (New Zealand) – Gianduia – Dark Hazelnut (**)

Milk chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

GoldSchell Schokoladenmanufaktur  (Germany) – Umami Papua
SilverDreams of Eva  (Peru) – Vainilla & Ají Panca
BronzeCacaosuyo  (Peru) – Lucuma
BronzeChoc Amor  (United Kingdom) – Turkish Charm
BronzeFruition Chocolate  (United States) – Dark Milk with Flor de Sal (**)

Milk chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

Goldes koyama  (Japan) – Nara-zukeKamo-Nasu Eggplant
SilverBETA5  (Canada) – Raspberry + Licorice
SilverISHIYA  (Japan) – Tokibi
SilverLe Chocolat de H  (Japan) – Kiwami Pineapple
SilverLe Chocolat de H  (Japan) – Wa Berry
SilverLe Chocolat de H  (Japan) – Wasabi
BronzeCo Couture  (United Kingdom) – Flat White
Bronzecōchu chocolatier  (Canada) – Hazelnut
Bronzees koyama  (Japan) – Kimchi×Chanchamayo 48
Bronzees koyama  (Japan) – Tumaco Leche Citrus UnshuSatsuma Mandarin)& Cacao nibTumaco
BronzeFriis-Holm  (Denmark) – Milk Nuts (**)

Milk chocolate bars with a filling

Goldes koyama  (Japan) – Chanchamayo 48 Hazelnut Praline with Aka-JisoRed perilla from WAKAYAMA
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – Green laver from YOSHINOGAWA-River Almond Praline with Yuzu
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – Real strawberry & Hazelnut Praline with Lime
SilverHarrer Chocolat  (Hungary) – Orange Gin (**)
SilverJacques Bockel chocolatier créateur  (France) – Amandes Fleur de Sel

Flavoured white chocolate bars

GoldLe Chocolat de H  (Japan) – Japan All Stars
GoldLe Chocolat de H  (Japan) – Oriental
GoldOmnom Chocolate  (Iceland) – Lakkrís + Sea Salt (**)
Silvercōchu chocolatier  (Canada) – Gingerbread Bar
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – MatchaHinona-zuke Kyoto
SilverLe Chocolat de H  (Japan) – Red World
SilverLe Chocolat de H  (Japan) – Waka
SilverSoma Chocolatemaker  (Canada) – Mango Thai Chili bar (**)
BronzechocoMe  (Hungary) – Entrée/Carré BL104
Bronzees koyama  (Japan) – Three kinds of beans (Daitokuji-Temple Natto, Adzuki & Tanbaguro)
BronzeSolkiki Craft Chocolatemaker  (United Kingdom) – Ethiopian Coffee & Roasted Redskin Peanuts White Chocolate (**)
BronzeSoma Chocolatemaker  (Canada) – Raspberry Bar (**)

Ganaches, palets, ganache pralines and truffles

Unflavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

GoldSweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates  (Canada) – Pure Nacional
SilverCarré Noir  (Belgium) – Vietnam
SilverDidier Smeets  (Belgium) – Origine Vietnam
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – Elizabeth 71%(Colombia Arauca
SilverPietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana  (Italy) – Piura buffalo cream
SilverSvenningsen Chocolatier  (Denmark) – arctic o’payo

Flavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

GoldChocolatier M  (Belgium) – Gin-Tonic
GoldLaurent Gerbaud Chocolatier  (Belgium) – Ganache aux olives Taggiasche
SilverDreams of Eva  (Peru) – Frambuesa, Asaí & Ají Panca
SilverDreams of Eva  (Peru) – Piña & Pimienta Negra
SilverLaurent Gerbaud Chocolatier  (Belgium) – Ganache Yuzu
SilverMusée du Chocolat Théobroma  (Japan) – Shiso Wasabi
Bronzees koyama  (Japan) – Evaporated Soy SaucePedro XimenezSierra Nevada70%)
BronzePiccola Pasticceria  (Italy) – Vietnam, cocco e mandorla
BronzeSvenningsen Chocolatier  (Denmark) – vinmarksfersken ganache
BronzeSweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates  (Canada) – Lime bonbon

Milk chocolate ganaches or truffles

Goldes koyama  (Japan) – Kishu-Nankoume Plum from Wakayama & Sakura leaf
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – Chrysanthemum Dominica 48%)
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – Completely Ripe Red Sansho from Wakayama (Peru Chanchamayo 48)
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – Kaffir lime leaf 2017Peru Chanchamayo48%)
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – RaspberryRaspberry Leaf
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – Sake-Yuzu Sake-lees
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – Smoked Soy Sauce from WakayamaMadagascar 51%)
Bronzees koyama  (Japan) – Absinthe Mango Passion FruitsPeru Chanchamayo48%)
Bronzees koyama  (Japan) – StrawberryFukinotoyouthful condition)(Nicaragua
Bronzees koyama  (Japan) – Triple TumacoColombia
BronzeMoroco Chocolat  (Canada) – Miso Brown Sugar Truffle

White chocolate ganaches or truffles

SilverTruffle Shots  (United States) – Castelvetrano Olive Truffle Shots
SilverXO Confections  (United States) – Bananas Foster
BronzeCasa Nobile  (Switzerland) – Amalfi
Bronzecōchu chocolatier  (Canada) – P & S Latte
BronzePiccola Pasticceria  (Italy) – Tea alla rosa con litchi

Ganaches or truffles using mixed dark/milk/white for coating and fillings

GoldPiccola Pasticceria  (Italy) – Perù mango e fave di tonka
SilverBen Le Prevost Chocolatier  (United Kingdom) – Mojito
SilverCacaofoni  (Sweden) – Salty liquorice
SilverCakao Chocolatiers  (France) – Ylang-ylang
SilverCompania de Chocolates  (Argentina) – Cardamom ginger
Silveres koyama  (Japan) – Kuromojibranch leafPeru Chanchamayo
SilverMercedes Chocolaterie  (Finland) – Åland meets Venezuela (Sea Buckthorn praline)
BronzeDaja Chocolate  (Germany) – CaPa
Bronzees koyama  (Japan) – Olive leaf & Olive oilPeru Chanchamayo
BronzeFifth Dimension chocolates  (United Kingdom) – Mint & Miso
BronzeInspiration Chocolates  (Canada) – Raspberry Swirl


Nut based pralines with dark chocolate

GoldGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Cremino Menta e Liquirizia (**)
SilverGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Cremino Cannella e Calendula (**)
SilverGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Cremino Cardamomo e Malva (**)
SilverGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Cremino Pistacchio di Bronte (**)
BronzeBardini  (Italy) – Tartufo Bardini

Dark chocolate gianduiotto / cremino

GoldGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Giuinott (**)
SilverGiraudi Cioccolato  (Italy) – Gianduiotto fondente

Unflavoured dark chocolate cremino

SilverBardini  (Italy) – Cremino Bardini

Flavoured dark chocolate cremino

GoldGardini  (Italy) – Cremino Bigusto con Amarene
SilverGardini  (Italy) – Cremino Bigusto con Liquirizia
SilverGardini  (Italy) – Cremino Bigusto con Uva di Corinto

Dark chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts

SilverChocoCard  (Hungary) – Blackcurrant, violet and hazelnut dragée
SilverChocoCard  (Hungary) – Passion fruit and hazelnut dragée

Dark chocolate enrobed marzipan

GoldPietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana  (Italy) – Violetta
SilverPietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana  (Italy) – Wild oregano and lemon of Sorrento

Nut based pralines with milk chocolate

Goldes koyama  (Japan) – Almond PralinePickled ginger with soy sauce
SilverCaramela  (Mexico) – Salted Caramel pecan milk chocolate bombon
SilverChocolatier M  (Belgium) – Peanuts & co
SilverSweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates  (Canada) – Almond coconut praline
Bronzees koyama  (Japan) – Almond Praline with Yuzu and Piment d’Espelette

Milk chocolate gianduiotto or cremino

GoldPiccola Pasticceria  (Italy) – Piccolo Gianduja
SilverGiraudi Cioccolato  (Italy) – Gianduiotto Classico

Unflavoured milk chocolate cremino

GoldPiccola Pasticceria  (Italy) – Cremino Tre Colori

Milk chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts

GoldSlitti  (Italy) – Mandorle d’Avola
SilverTruffle Shots  (United States) – Malabar Cardamom Dragées

Milk chocolate enrobed marzipan

SilverCadeau Bonbon Manufaktúra  (Hungary) – Dupla narancs – Double orange

Nut based pralines with white chocolate

GoldTartuflanghe  (Italy) – Trifulot, pistachio praline
GoldTartuflanghe  (Italy) – Trifulot, White praline with cardamom

White chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts

SilverChocoCard  (Hungary) – Taste of Italy
SilverTorta Pistocchi Firenze  (Italy) – Dragée Pistacchio, Cioccolato Bianco, polvere di arancia e sale
SilverTruffle Shots  (United States) – Ginger Snap Dragées


Dark chocolate enrobed caramels

SilverCasa Nobile  (Switzerland) – Caramello “Ingwer Limette”
SilverChocolatier M  (Belgium) – Tokyo Dreams
SilverSvenningsen Chocolatier  (Denmark) – muscovado caramel
BronzeWinchester Fine Chocolates  (United Kingdom) – Passion Fruit Caramel

Milk chocolate enrobed caramels

GoldChocolatier M  (Belgium) – Oriënt
SilverAndreas Muschler  (Germany) – ´caramel y sel´
SilverChoco Chocolate Sweden  (Sweden) – Citrus and liquorice caramel
SilverFifth Dimension chocolates  (United Kingdom) – Banana Cardamom

Others – fruit/sugar/butter/cream

Dark chocolate enrobed fruit pastes, jellies/gelée

GoldSweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates  (Canada) – The Orange Grove

Dark chocolate enrobed whole fruit

GoldPietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana  (Italy) – Boero
SilverAndreas Muschler  (Germany) – Orangeatstäbchen
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Dark Chocolate Covered Dehydrated Banana
SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Dark Chocolate Covered Dehydrated Goldenberry
BronzeChocoCard  (Hungary) – Voatsiperifery-berry (blueberry dragée) (**)

Dark chocolate enrobed manon/butter/cream

BronzeChuang Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Kaoliang Liquor & Oolong Tea (**)

Milk chocolate enrobed whole fruit

GoldTorta Pistocchi Firenze  (Italy) – Dragée uvetta, cioccolato al latte e mandorla

Milk chocolate torrone/manon/butter/cream

SilverThe JackRabbit Chocolate Studio  (South Africa) – MilkTart

White chocolate enrobed manon/butter/cream

SilverAndrea Bianchini Chocolate Luxory Collection  (Italy) – Red Heart


Spreads with dark chocolate (no milk powder)

GoldLuca Mannori  (Italy) – Spalmabile alle Nocciole IGP con Puro Ocumare 72%
SilverGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Crema Di Nocciole +55 (**)
SilverLa Botteghina del Cioccolato  (Italy) – Nocciolosa
BronzeTruffle Shots  (United States) – Fig + Chocolate Spread
BronzeTruffle Shots  (United States) – Gingered Chocolate Spread

Spreads with milk chocolate

GoldGiraudi Cioccolato  (Italy) – Giacometta Pistacchio
SilverPiccola Pasticceria  (Italy) – Buongiorno allo zabaione
BronzeArcay Chocolates  (Venezuela) – Passion Spread
BronzePiccola Pasticceria  (Italy) – Buongiorno alla nocciola

Special awards

Given for entries that qualify for the special category criteria

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

Gold – Chocolate MakerFriis-Holm  (Denmark) – Chuno Tripple Turned 70 %
Gold – Directly TradedFriis-Holm  (Denmark) – Chuno Tripple Turned 70 %
Gold – OrganicPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Los Ríos 72%

Micro-batch – Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

Gold – Chocolate MakerShattell Chocolate  (Peru) – Chuncho 70%
Gold – Directly TradedShattell Chocolate  (Peru) – Chuncho 70%
Gold – Growing CountryShattell Chocolate  (Peru) – Chuncho 70%
Gold – OrganicShattell Chocolate  (Peru) – Chuncho 70%

Plain/origin milk chocolate bars

Gold – Directly TradedTobago Estate Chocolate / Pralus  (Sweden) – Laura ( * Pralus)

Triple M.M.M Special Awards

A new prize given by our founding partners, Maricel Presilla, Martin Christy and Monica Meschini. The Triple MMM (or Mmm…) prize represents products chosen by the founders and Grand Jury because of a personal appreciation of a product tasted during judging. This prize reflects personal enjoyment of the product awarded and is not based on the competition scores.

Dark chocolate enrobed fruit pastes, jellies/gelée

2017 World Gold M.M.MFrench Broad Chocolates – Hazelnut Dragee
2017 World Gold M.M.MXocolatl by Giovanna Maggiolo – Miel de picarón
2017 World Gold M.M.MLa Praline – Mora

Flavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

2017 World Gold M.M.MColomb Béréni Création – C.B.C. chocolat menthe fraîche
2017 World Gold M.M.MTorta Pistocchi Firenze – Torta Fondente Uvetta e Rhum Agricolo della Martinica

Rough ground flavoured dark chocolate bars

2017 World Gold M.M.MPatrick Gelencser Chocolatier – Ganache noire origine Pérou 75 %
2017 World Gold M.M.MWolter – Quetzalli 70% with sea salt, chicatana and cardamon

Dark chocolate bars with a filling

2017 World Gold M.M.MCacaosuyo – Camu Camu & Yacon

Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

2017 World Gold M.M.MPasticceria Vacchieri Marco – Dolci Intuizioni – Opaque

Micro-batch – Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

2017 World Gold M.M.MDuffy’s – Duffy’s Guatemala Rio Dolce

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

2017 World Gold M.M.MDandelion Chocolate – Maya Mountain, Belize 70%


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