Givaudan launches new consumer-driven approach to vanilla and citrus flavour creation

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 3rd July 2008

Givaudan, a leading flavour developer, believes it has raised the bar for vanilla and citrus flavour creation after a significant investment and global research into “what’s next” for two of the world’s favourite flavours.

Building upon a strong heritage in vanilla flavours and taste, Givaudan’s consumer-driven TasteEssentialsTM Vanilla programme reportedly optimizes and pushes the boundaries of traditional vanilla flavour toward new and distinctive consumer-winning experiences.

TasteEssentials integrated flavour design approach brings together leading global consumer understanding and sensory knowledge, revolutionary research in Madagascar and pioneering Chefs’ Council® culinary insights for the development of exclusive new vanilla ingredients and exceptional flavour creation. The global Chefs Council was held in Barcelona in May and leading culinary experts discussed the future international gastronomic trends and flavour innovation.

Givaudan conducted market exploration spanning over 4000 consumers, 20 countries and 75 of the world’s most popular vanilla ice creams to create unparalleled insights into consumer’s emotional vanilla connections and preferences. It is this knowledge which guided Givaudan’s ingredient, flavour and concept innovation.

Scott May, global head of Givaudan’s sweet goods and dairy division, believes the vanilla development is important for food manufacturers. “The launch of Givaudan’s Vanilla TasteEssentials programme marks a significant breakthrough in discovering how consumers in different parts of the world enjoy, think and feel about vanilla,” he said. “With Givaudan’s new vanilla ingredients, consumer insights and creation expertise, food manufacturers can now come closer than ever before to achieving truly distinctive, consumer-winning vanilla flavourings that have been extensively tested and validated.”

Givaudan’s created more than 500 unique vanilla concepts of which nearly 150 were tested with global consumers to identify an exclusive range of vanilla flavours.

In the past, manufacturers have had a difficult choice to make: either use an expensive, scarce raw material with an unstable supply chain, or compromise on flavour profile quality with the use of synthetic substitutes or extracts which lack the delicate flavour and finesse of the natural product.

Now Givaudan claim that manufacturers have access to the industry’s broadest and most diverse range of consumer-preferred natural and nature-identical vanilla flavourings that will help ensure outstanding product differentiation and encourage repeat purchases.

Givaudan is currently working with manufacturers to overcome the continuing problems of sourcing high quality vanilla products in the face of global supply shortages while also satisfying growing consumer demand for knowledge of product origin and provenance.

Similar research was carried out with regard to citrus flavours and found potential advancement in citrus tastes, which could be well received by consumers. “Our research shows consumers are increasingly looking for refreshing, sophisticated citrus flavoured beverages – plus something new and different, a “wow!” factor,” Dawn Streich, Citrus Product Manager, concluded.

The flavour industry, which has been seen much consolidation in recent years, is consistently creating new and exciting options for food manufacturers, with innovative flavours and taste sensations often providing the basis for success of new products.