Dairy UK attempts to raise profile of the dairy industry

Posted by Editorial on 11th July 2008

Dairy UK is to launch a new campaign that aims to make the nation ‘Proud of Dairy’.

At the launch of the marketing campaign, MPs and other high-profile guests were asked to demonstrate that they too are Proud of Dairy by pledging support for the campaign and completing a support card with their name.

Initially, it is essentially an awareness campaign highlighting the positives of the industry. In the future, however, Dairy UK envisages that the Proud of Dairy logo could be used by other dairy sector organisations to help raise the profile of the industry. “Dairy UK is hoping this initiative will help to instil a sense of the positive achievements of the dairy industry among government, media and other key contributors to public life,” Dairy UK Director General Jim Begg, said. “An enormous effort is made at every stage of the dairy supply chain to ensure that consumers end up with a huge choice of high quality, nutritious dairy foods.”

Mr Begg added that the industry is becoming more conscious of the environment and looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint. “From farmers and processors on to distribution, the dairy industry is making big strides to reduce the environmental impact of milk, innovate and respond to consumer trends,” he claimed. “It means that there are more natural, tasty dairy products on offer now than ever before. These are just some of the reasons that we’re Proud of Dairy.”