Tuna fish — Quartz Obsession issue of startling statistics

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th June 2019

According to statistics published June 2019  on Quartz.com, here are some important facts and statistics about Tuna fish, by the digits:

59%: Share of fish labeled “tuna” sold at US restaurants and grocery stores that is not tuna 

80%: Estimated share of the world’s catch of bluefin tuna that goes to Japan for use in sushi and sashimi

$3.1 million: Record price paid for a giant Pacific bluefin tuna at the first tuna auction of this year at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market, which routinely sees bluefin go for absurd prices

2: Companies making plant-based alternatives to tuna

4 years: Shelf-life of unopened canned tuna

4 lbs (1.8 kg): Maximum size of the bullet tuna, the smallest of the species

2,000 lbs (900 kg): Maximum size of the Atlantic bluefin, the largest

70 km/h (43 miles/h): Speed an Atlantic bluefin can travel

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