Leading Swiss retailer to pay shoppers to monitor competitor prices

Posted by Isobel Drake on 15th July 2008

Switzerland’s largest supermarket operator, Migros, has announced a new scheme to ensure they can beat their competition on price.

The plan involves paying consumers to call a hotline when they notice a price of a competitor being lower than that available at Migros stores. The consumer is given a voucher of CHF10 (A$10.12) if the product is found to cost less at the rival store. The deal applies to 302 products and, if the price of a similar product is cheaper, Migros will lower their price below that of their competitor.

Products incorporated in the scheme include milk, bread, apples, eggs and flour, and it is part of the company’s bid to ensure they are the cheapest supermarket in Switzerland.

Competition from German giants, Aldi and Lidl, has been the catalyst for the move, which was announced yesterday. Migros had announced in May their dedication to provide the lowest prices on the range of 302 products but the hotline is a new, innovative initiative as they seek to deliver on their promise to save shoppers 10 per cent per year.