Lessons to be learnt from Frosty Boy’s move into the Middle East

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 1st March 2017

Felipe Demartini, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Frosty Boy with Mr Tarek Helaly, the soft serve sales specialist from VMC Gulf, Frosty Boy’s partner in the Middle East

Queensland-based soft serve ice cream producer, Frosty Boy, says its venture into the Middle East food industry is off to a good start.

In 2016, Frosty Boy signalled its intention to enter the Middle East along with other new international markets.

An update on the company’s move into the Middle East provides some good lessons for other Australian food businesses looking to export or establish overseas.

Secure the right partnerships

Several months on from the start of its venture, Frosty Boy General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Felipe Demartini, said the company has already partnered with the Vending Machine Company who are making deals to secure its product with major companies across Saudi Arabia.

Finding an overseas market that is “perfect” for your business

“It is the perfect market for us to succeed – the food business is booming” said Demartini about the Middle East.

“In western markets people usually spend their money on various luxuries such as expensive clothing or experiences, but here, the focus is on food,” he said.

“There is huge potential in the United Arab Emirates alone. It is a wealthy country and its retail is driven by food and beverage, with more outlets per capita than anywhere else in the world.”

Catering to local taste

Demartini said it is important that Frosty Boy has knowledge of each country’s taste preferences before setting up business.

“The food market trends in the Middle East lean towards more decadent, sweet flavours and the frappes are popular, including White Mocha, Toffee and Strawberry,” he said.

Frosty Boy is currently attending the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade show, Gulfood 2017, at the Dubai World Trade Centre this week.


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