Award winning beer company to be auctioned off on E-Bay

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 23rd July 2008

Honey Amber Rose, a craft beer trademarked as the ‘world’s first beer for women’, is up for sale on August 15th via eBay.

Despite success in the Florida beer market, Beautiful Brews Inc. co-creators Abby Waters and Kent Chamberlain have decided to auction off the business “in order to ensure its future”. The company will be auctioning off the Honey Amber Rose brand including: the 200-year-old-secret recipe, trademarks, portfolio of existing accounts, access to hundreds of approved accounts, website, full package design, introduction to suppliers and training by key executives in the company.

Honey Amber Rose, has won critical acclaim for both its recipe and its approach on the beer market, with recent silver medals at the Florida Beer Championships. The company reports that, despite the targeting toward women, 50% of sales are to men – mainly beer aficionados.

The recipe, dating from the 1800s, has been formulated using a special process so that it only contains 108 calories, under 7 grams of carbohydrates, and 4% alcohol. With no preservatives, Honey Amber Rose is brewed from the fruit of the rose, Rose Hip Shells, which contain antioxidants and 20 times the Vitamin C than regular fruits.

The decision to sell is due to an inability to raise enough capital to take the Honey Amber Rose to the next level. “I believe with all my heart, the brand deserves to continue to flourish and all the ground work has been done,” Ms Waters proclaimed. “This is an opportunity for established brewers to add to their portfolio or a novice to pursue a dream.”

The decision for a beer company to sell on E-Bay appears unprecedented and it will be interesting to see just how much interest there will be in the sale.