Perth to ban smoking in all dining areas

Posted by Isobel Drake on 7th August 2008

The City of Perth will ban smoking in alfresco dining areas within its boundaries from July 1 next year.The Council has given in-principle support to making licensed dining areas on pavements and other council-owned land ‘smoke free’.

Lord Mayor, Lisa Scaffidi, indicated the health and enjoyment of diners were the prime considerations in the Council’s decision. “The Council cannot ignore the documented health risks associated with the passive inhaling of tobacco smoke,” she said. “The City has a role in advocating better health for the community. We also want to ensure that dining is a pleasurable and comfortable experience for people who choose to dine in the city’s many great restaurants and cafes.”

“Increasing awareness of the harmful effects of second-hand smoke has led the community to accept – and expect – that there be smoke-free dining areas. We need to stop pandering to the minority on this issue,” Ms Scaffidi added. “There is also evidence to suggest that smoking restrictions help smokers who are trying to quit. A smoking ban would help create a cleaner environment, both in terms of reduced cigarette smoke and, hopefully, fewer butts littering our footpaths.”

The proposal to ban smoking in outdoor dining areas will be part of a review of the City’s local law relating to alfresco dining. There are currently about 150 approved alfresco dining premises in the city.

An education and promotion campaign will be implemented prior to a smoking ban coming into force.