GrainCorp teams with US marketer

Posted by Editorial on 11th August 2008

GrainCorp has announced that it has entered into a strategic marketing alliance with the largest cooperative grain marketer in the United States, CHS Inc. in order to reach new markets.

The new marketing alliance will focus on the bulk export of durum from Australia and will commence immediately.

CHS Inc. is a leading global durum marketer, with strong linkages to millers and more than half a century of durum milling expertise. The GrainCorp – CHS Inc. alliance integrates the Australian durum industry into the global durum supply chain.

GrainCorp Managing Director Mark Irwin suggests the global reach of CHS will provide access to a range of new markets and is a strong signal to Australian durum growers that should encourage the growth of this niche, high value segment. “The marketing alliance with CHS Inc. is an important one for GrainCorp and the Australian durum industry,” he claimed. “GrainCorp brings the strength of our wheat desk, our upcountry grain accumulation and storage expertise, our road and rail logistics and port infrastructure to this alliance. CHS Inc. bring their expertise as a leading durum marketer and processor, and the strong relationships they have with the world’s leading durum processors.”

Mr Irwin added that the alliance is one of many that will crop up in the wake of the removal of the bulk wheat export monopoly. “This strategic alliance is the first of a range of new marketing alliances that will emerge as a consequence of the removal of the bulk wheat export monopoly. It demonstrates the growth potential for the Australian grain sector and the durum industry in particular,” he said. “For the first time in the history of the durum industry in Australia we will be able to leverage a strategic relationship with a truly global marketer, not just sell into a limited number of markets. It means that Australian durum will be on the menu for more millers and more consumers around the globe.”