How Australians will eat this Christmas

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 29th November 2017

Australians will eat Christmas dinner with an average of eight people and will be sharing the cooking among all guests a Woolworths survey into how Australian’s plan on spending their 2017 Christmas has found.

According to the survey results, almost two-thirds of Australia’s will share food preparation tasks with close to half saying family and friends will be supplying the drinks.

One in three Christmas hosts will be leaving it up to their guests to bring the snacks.

Ham, turkey, prawns and pudding will star this Christmas

Woolworths Director of Buying and Merchandising, Steve Donohue, said food is central to create “the magic of Christmas”.

“Our customers are telling us that ham will continue to take the top spot as their main meat feature on the Christmas table, along with turkey, while prawns will be the people’s seafood of choice and Christmas pudding will be the main showcase when it comes to dessert time,” Donohue said.

“We also know that every dollar counts for our customers, especially at Christmas time, when they are catering for an expanded number of family and friends.”

What’s new at Woolworths this Christmas?

New Christmas products available at Woolworths for Christmas 2017 include:

  • Woolworths pork rack with Christmas pudding style stuffing
  • Woolworths turkey tenderloin mini roast with lemon and herb stuffing
  • Gold deboned Australian turkey breast parcel with mushroom stuffing
  • Gold dark decadent chocolate mud cake
  • Gold Christmas pudding

Key Woolworths Christmas statistics


Pork, Meat and Poultry

  • Over 80,000 turkeys and over half a million (550,000) wood smoked hams will be sold
  • The most popular Christmas ham is the award-winning Woolworths Half Leg Ham – more than two million kilos were purchased just at Christmas last year and sales are expected to exceed that this year
  • In the week leading up to Christmas, over 400,000 kilos of fresh turkey products will be purchased
  • More than 50,000 kilos of Turducken (a turkey, duck and chicken product) will be sold during the festive season
  • To meet increasing demand this Christmas, Woolworths has introduced a new range of meat products for 2017, including the Woolworths Pork Rack with Christmas Pudding Style Stuffing and a Woolworths Turkey Tenderloin Mini Roast with Lemon and Herb stuffing


  • 2 million kilos of fresh Australian prawns are expected to be sold in the week of Christmas, with 60 per cent  sold in the last two days before Christmas
  • More than one million oysters sold at Woolworths will be hand opened by oyster shuckers during the Christmas period
  • More than 10 times the normal volume of oysters will be sold, averaging at 20 dozen opened every minute for three days straight


  • Over six million fruit mince pies, are expected to be sold during Christmas time
  • Over half a million pavlovas will be sold, with Woolworths expecting a significant uplift in demand for pavlovas in the week before Christmas.
  • More than 600,000 Woolworths Build Your Own Gingerbread Houses will be sold

Fresh produce

  • Over 900,000 punnets of Australian cherries are expected to be sold. quadrupling sales with 30 per cent of yearly Australian cherry sales expected to be sold during Christmas
  • 7 million mangoes will go through the checkout
  • Close to three million packs of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are expected to be sold


  • Hot roast chickens will experience an increase of 20 per cent in the week prior to Christmas
  • A new Maggie Beer product will be available – Maggie Beer’s Favourites Pack – featuring all South Australian products including a triple cream brie, mature cheddar, pheasant farm pate and quince paste


  • 600,000 packs of bons bons are expected to sell across the country. Woolworths will sell bon bons priced from AUD $5.00 – $20.00. From uniquely shaped triangle bon bons, to those you fill yourself, Woolworths will sell a variety of options.

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