Beam Global to use innovative mobile and illuminating technologies to engage consumers

Posted by Isobel Drake on 14th August 2008

Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc., owner of the Jim Beam brand and the fourth largest premium spirits company in the world , and Hornitos Tequila (a Sauza brand, which is owned by Beam Global) have proclaimed new technology partnerships will enable the company to evolve with consumers ever changing needs.

Hornitos believes they have found new ways to connect with consumers on-premise and in their daily lives through mobile and product technologies.

Buy Your Amigo Hornitos

As of August 1, 2008, legal purchase age consumers will be able to use their mobile phones or the Hornitos website,, to send a personalised note and prepaid gift card to friends. Hornitos partnered with to build this innovative program which allows gift recipients to receive their drink gift via email, gift card or text message. The mobile program is, according to Beam Global, the first ever mobile site that allows consumers to buy their friends drinks.

With the text messaging capability, users can access their gifts via mobile phone even while at a participating bar or restaurant. Gift recipients can find out which bars and restaurants in their area accept the gift cards/codes either through the website or mobile site.

The program launched with 115 participating bars and restaurants in 14 markets across the US. “We’re pleased to help consumers share good times with friends through,” stated Antonio Portillo, brand manager, Sauza. “This exciting technology allows consumers to buy their friend a drink from across the bar or across the country. It will be sure to engage our technologically savvy consumers and increase brand awareness.”

Lighting Up the Bar

The company is also seeking to illuminate their beverages to create a number of exciting effects and make their brand stand out at bars and clubs.

Developed by Cognifex Ltd, the “LightPad” will provide attention to the Hornitos brand with branded stickers placed at the bottom of the bottle. The stickers are motion-activated to light up the entire bottle when the bartender pours a drink and adjusted for a variety of illuminating effects including flashing and strobe-light effects.

The innovations by Beam Global highlights the increased focus in the industry to engage with consumers and the improved capabilities of technology to enable greater connection with customers. It also creates another form of differentiation in the increasingly competitive spirits marketplace.