Foodservice operators, bars discover price promotions the best way to sell new products

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 27th August 2008

According to bartenders, if you want to persuade patrons to try new drinks the most effective strategy is to offer special price promotions.

Over 70 per cent of bartenders in a recent Technomic survey agree that this is a suitable approach for launching new offerings, particularly in neighborhood bars, at nightclubs that offer entertainment, and in casual-dining restaurants.

Only half of the bartenders surveyed agreed that in-store signage was an effective way to drive sales of new drinks. “While signage is still an important component, cash-strapped consumers are finding that now, more than ever, it takes a special deal to convince them to try new drinks,” notes David Henkes, Technomic vice president and on-premise practice leader.

Mr Henkes added that price promotions are often a co-operative effort between restaurant managers and product distributors. “If distributors pair price promotions with other establishments in the area, regional growth or, at the very least, awareness may significantly increase,” he concluded.