Mars bars to be rid of artificial ingredients

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 5th September 2008

The iconic Mars bar is getting a healthy makeover, with Mars Snackfood UK launching a ‘raising the bar’ campaign highlighting a range of nutritional improvements to their range of snackfood throughout Europe.

Recipe modifications to the Mars bar and other leading chocolate products, coupled with packaging alterations, will be completed within weeks.

Mars, Snickers, Milky Way and Twix will all become free from artificial preservatives, flavours and colours, with each product containing daily intake guide labelling for fats, calories, sugar and salt on the pack. The company also reported that the calorie count for funsize Milky Way, Maltesers, Mars and Twix will be restricted to under 100 calories each.

The ‘Raising the bar’ campaign will launch in the UK next week, with the press advertisements lining famous products under the Mars Snackfood banner and substituting the product name for a word as part of the slogan ‘We’re constantly raising the bar’.

Mars UK began a process to remove artificial colours and flavours from their products in 2006, with Starburst Chews the first product to be updated (November 2007). Skittles and M&M’s have also been reformulated in the past year and the company advises that they plan to reduce the level of saturated fats and calories in their product range in coming years.