Vegetarians unimpressed by British new Five Pound note

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th December 2016

The Bank of England has received some unexpected complaints about the new bank note for Five-pound sterling.

The note, which has just been released, contains a small amount of tallow animal fat. This has angered some who follow vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

A online petition is asking the Bank of England to produce bank notes free of animal fats already has over 10, 000 petitions.

The Bank of England has responded to the concern saying it was not aware its supplier was going to use animal fat to make the notes when it signed its contract with the supplier.

The central bank says its supplier is now “working intensively with its supply chain and will keep the Bank informed on progress towards potential solutions.”

In the meantime, Bloomberg is suggesting “people could just stop eating them.”

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