HACCP Awards honour food safety leaders

Posted by Editorial on 16th September 2008

The 2008 HACCP Award winners were announced last week to recognise outstanding contributions made by companies and individuals toward improving food safety.

The Awards were separated into three categories for individuals and one category for business.

The Category 1 Award for ‘Outstanding Individual Nominated by an Agri-food Industry Company’ went to Marion Bray from Coles supermarkets. The award was for dedication to the implementation of food safety initiatives for their own business or for their employer, and furthering the ideals of a safe food supply.

The Category 2 prize for ‘Outstanding Individual or Organisation Working in a Non-industry Institution’ went to Jane Lovell from Tasmanian Quality Assured (TQA).

Aron Malcolm from Alimentex received recognition in Category 3 as ‘Outstanding Individual Working as a Registered Food Safety Auditor’.

Finally, Category 4 for ‘Outstanding Company’ was separated into a number of divisions based on the size of the company and the nature of their operations.

The winners were required to be certified to at least one Codex HACCP based Standard, for a minimum of 2 years, with no MAJOR or CRITICAL Corrective Action Requests under any Certifications. The company must have also demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement.

The companies praised for their focus on food safety are listed below:

Small, Low Risk: No nominations

Small, High Risk: SEI Food Service, Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital

Large, Low Risk: Moraitis Fresh Packaging, NSW

Large, High Risk: Snap Fresh

Multisite, Low Risk: Chapley Group

Multisite, High Risk: Fonterra Brands Australia, Balcatta and Brunswick, WA