Australians eating more chocolate, Roy Morgan Research

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 19th April 2017

With Easter just gone, Roy Morgan Research has released data showing Australians are eating more chocolate than they were in 2013.

According to Roy Morgan Research, in 206, 68.4 per cent of Australians ate some type of chocolate in an average four weeks.

This is an increase on the 65.8 per cent who were doing so in 2013.

Chocolate bars are Australia’s most popular chocolate choice with 53.2 per cent of the population eating chocolate bars, followed by 41.8 per cent of the population who eat chocolate blocks and 19.2 per cent who consume boxed chocolates.

Australians buying boxes of chocolates for themselves

Although the idea behind a box of chocolates is that they are usually given as a gift, Roy Morgan Research says nearly three-quarter of all boxed chocolate sales made every four weeks are kept by the original purchaser.

Australia’s five best-selling boxed chocolates and % of buyers who eat them

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), January-December 2016 (n=14,330). Base: Australians 14+


Chief Executive Officer of Roy Morgan Research, Michele Levine, said it is safe to say Australians love chocolate and that Easter is the ideal time not only to indulge this passion but to share it with others.

“And it is this act of sharing that gives boxed chocolate its special appeal: not only do those buying it for others experience the satisfaction of brightening someone’s day, but they’re frequently rewarded for their efforts when the receiver offers them their pick of the box!” she said.

“Naturally, this is not always the case: some people buy boxed chocolates for themselves, while others (especially around Easter and Christmas) may buy a box for a friend or loved one and receive their own box from someone else—but there’s no doubt that sharing these chocolates adds to the enjoyment,” she said.

“In today’s retail landscape, with its gradual shift away from buying ‘things’ in favour of experiences, boxed chocolate offers the best of both worlds,” Levine concluded.


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