Exhibitors from 31 countries to take Fine Food to new heights in ’08

Posted by Isobel Drake on 17th September 2008

The largest food and hospitality industry event in Australia will welcome over 1000 exhibitors from 31 countries and is set to scale new heights, as a record number of pre-registered attendees plan to see the latest in food and beverage.

Dubai, internationally renowned for 7 star hotels, skyscrapers and construction, is one region looking to gain notoriety for its food and beverage (F&B) companies by participating in the Fine Food Australia (FFA) Exhibition.

Coordinated by the Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC), the Dubai government body charged with promoting exports from the Emirate, this is the first time Dubai will be present at the event.

EDC is supporting IFFCO, Al Ghurair Foods and Masafi Co. – three leading UAE-based F&B companies – to exhibit the latest developments and achievements in the region’s food industry. In Dubai and the UAE, more than AED 5.11 billion (A$1.7 billion) has been invested for the past 20 years to develop a food-manufacturing sector which will target local and re-export markets.

“As the official export promotion agency of the Dubai government, it is our role is to support F&B manufacturers based in the emirates to develop and diversify their overseas operations,” said Engr. Saed Al Awadi, Chief Executive Officer, EDC. “The FFA exhibition is a perfect venue to promote Dubai’s export industry and capabilities across the Australian market and it is very exciting for us to be represented for the first time with major F&B companies worldwide who are participating in the event.”

“During this exhibition, Dubai and Australian companies will be able to discuss possible business partnerships. Eventually, we hope that this will cement future business opportunities for our F&B companies.”

Coming directly from Dubai, Al Ghurair Foods is one of the largest foods manufacturing and marketing business in the Gulf, with main business units include edible oil and flour, pasta, pulses, rice and many more. IFFCO, another leading manufacturer in the region, markets a well integrated range of consumer products including confectionery, ice cream, oils and juices.

The third exhibitor, Masafi Co., is one of the leading producers of pure natural mineral water in the Gulf, has been exporting to GCC, Asian, African and European markets with overseas sales constituting 27 per cent of the Masafi business. “To export water from the desert is always a big talking point in the industry,” commented Engr. Saed Al Awadi.

The Fine Food Australia Exhibition begins next Monday and runs until Thursday (22-25 September) at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.