Massive recall of garlic bread

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th January 2017

Australia is experiencing a garlic bread shortage due to a massive recall impacting Woolworths, Aldi, IGA, Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

Bread-manufacturer, George Weston, has issued a recall for a wide range of its garlic breads after plastic was found in a margarine blend on 11 January 2017. Garlic breads recalled include private label products from Aldi, Woolworths, FoodWorks, Foodland and IGA.

The recall also includes garlic bread sold through Pizza Hut and Domino’s which have both temporarily taken garlic bread off the menu.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is warning the recalled garlic bread should not be eaten and should be returned to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers and food service providers should check if a garlic bread they have already purchased is on the recall list.

Garlic bread recall list

Garlic breads recalled include the following:

  • Aldi Me’n’u Garlic Bread Twin Pack 450g
  • Woolworths Homebrand Garlic Bread 450g
  • FoodWorks Best Buy Twin Pack Garlic Bread 450g
  • Foodland Garlic Bread Twin Pack 450g
  • IGA Bakers Oven Garlic Bread Minis 4 Pack
  • IGA Bakers Oven Twin Pack Garlic Bread

Additional garlic breads recalled

The below “Australian Garlic Bread” branded products have also been recalled. Australian Garlic Bread products are usually sold to distributors and wholesalers for use by food service providers but a small number of these garlic breads have been sold as individual units to their customers:

  • Australian Garlic Bread 11” Catering Single Garlic Bread
  • Australian Garlic Bread Garlic Bread for One x12
  • Australian Garlic Bread Baguette with Garlic x12
  • Australian Garlic Bread 9” Herb Bread
  • Australian Garlic Bread Catering 9” Garlic Bread


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