Chinese milk scandal: FSANZ media statement regarding White Rabbit Brand Candies

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 24th September 2008

Australian Food Regulators have commenced a formal request today to wholesalers and importers to voluntarily withdraw White Rabbit Brand Candies from shops pending further results of testing for melamine.Testing in New Zealand released late today has confirmed that this product contains sufficiently high levels of melamine which may, in some individuals, cause health problems such as kidney stones if consumed in high quantities over a long period.

The product is sold in retail packs through Asian retailers, supermarkets and restaurants and the public is advised not to consume the milk-based sweets.

Anyone who has the product should not to consume it. It is unlikely that there could be a problem if consumed in small amounts but people with concerns about the consumption of this product should seek medical advice.

The Australian State and Territory agencies will be working closely with wholesalers and importers to facilitate this voluntary withdrawal.

Australia does not import infant formula products from China and has not imported full-dairy products, such as yoghurt or condensed milk, from China since March 2007. Food Standards Australia New Zealand and State and Territory agencies are continuing to monitor the situation