Tip Top rejects claims of fractured relationships with vendors

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 24th September 2008

Tip Top has disputed comments made by the Queensland State Secretary of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) indicating that Tip Top vendors were not being adequately compensated in the wake of rising costs and were overburdened by their supply chain partners.

The bread manufacturer, a subsidiary of George Weston Foods, reported that they continue to work closely with their contractors to provide a great service in Queensland.

TWU Queensland Secretary Hughie Williams yesterday told AAP that Tip Top vendors would stop stacking shelves at Coles and Woolworths in a bid to “get the enemies (retailers and Tip Top) fighting amongst each other”.

“We reject recent statements made by Hughie Williams, Queensland State Secretary of the Transport Workers Union (TWU), about the relationship between Tip Top and its Vendors and Distributors,” said Jeff Bint, General Manager Tip Top Queensland. “The contracts in place with the Vendors and Distributors include clear provisions for reviews and over the past two years there have been five conducted. The most recent being in July, which saw an increase of over 5%.”

“Not withstanding these arrangements, Tip Top has always recognised that from time to time there will be operating matters requiring resolution. Tip Top is acting in good faith and since June has had in place a consultation process with over 100 of its Vendors and Distributors to address these matters in a prompt manner,” Mr Bint added. “These operating matters are solely between Tip Top and its Vendors and Distributors and in no way involves its retail trading partners including Coles, Woolworths and Aldi across Queensland.”