Vaalia launches new organic range

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 2nd October 2008

Vaalia has enhanced their range of probiotic yoghurts with the launch of two new organic varieties.Vaalia Low Fat Organic Natural and Vaalia Low Fat Organic Smooth Tropical have been designed for the escalating number of consumers seeking to increase their consumption of organic products.

The new range, certified organic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA), is made using fresh organic milk, while also providing the same combination and quantity of active cultures.

Michael Goodhew, Senior Product Manager, believes the product will find a strong market as trends toward health and wellbeing and organic produce continue to strengthen. “Many people are looking to eat more organic food and use organic and environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday products,” he noted. “Increasingly consumers are demanding credible organic products, driven by health and environmental concerns. Vaalia Organic yoghurts are made with pure, fresh organic milk sourced from farms where the cows are not exposed to pesticides.”

Vaalia Organic

The regular Vaalia range has also been extended with the introduction of Vaalia Low Fat Tropical Basket, which combines traditional Vaalia yoghurt with summer fruits, and Vaalia Low Fat Fig and Honey, which blends the lush flavour of ripe figs, with creamy Vaalia and the sweetness of honey.

All four new products are now available.