McDonald’s forced to cease service for two days in Venezuela

Posted by Editorial on 13th October 2008

The Venezuelan Government ordered the closure of over 100 McDonald’s restaurants in the country last week in response to “irregularities” in the fast food chains financial records.

There are currently 132 McDonald’s restaurants in the South American country, with the Government announcing last Friday that 118 of them were required to close for 48 hours over the weekend.

The fast food chain reports they have complied with the request of the Government and signalled their “thorough respect for and compliance with all Venezuelan laws, regulations and standards”.

It is not the first time a multinational giant has been required to close for two days, with the Venezuelan divisions of The Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi ordered shut in the past year following inspections by the tax agency. McDonald’s was also forced to close 80 restaurants for 48 hours some three years ago.