Microbiota in young children connected to overcoming milk allergy

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd August 2016

A team of US scientists have discovered children who have certain levels of microorganisms in their stomach are likely to overcome childhood milk allergy.

Published in Volume 138, Issue 2, of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the scientists were able to map the gut Microbiota in 226 children aged 3-16 who had a cow’s milk allergy.

According to a report by medical news-provider HealthCanal, the research team studied the children until they were eight years old and discovered 56.6 per cent of them outgrew their allergy to cow’s milk.

In examining the children, the team discovered enrichment of Clostridia and Foirmicutes in the infant gut microbime of 3-6 month olds who no longer had a cowq’s milk allergy by the age of eight.

The study was the first to explore the connection between gut microbiota and food allergy resolutions.

The scientists said their study provides direction for possible examination of the microbiota for therapeutic consideration.

Young children are more likely than older children or adults to be allergic to cow’s milk.