IGA’s private labels get a makeover

Posted by Isobel Drake on 31st October 2008

IGA (Independent Grocers of Australia) has added Daily Intake Guide nutritional information to the front of their private label goods.

The front-of-pack DIG labels appear on 200 lines of its current range, with a progressive roll-out underway.

“IGA and Metcash are committed to providing shoppers with clear and useful information, and our Daily Intake Guide labelling is a major step in that process,” Metcash National Group Manager of Merchandise and Marketing, Gary Tempany, stated.

Late last year, IGA introduced ‘Way of Life’, private label goods with a health focus and an array of nutritional requirements. The IGA Way of Life range was designed to easily catch the eye of the customer, as all products were clearly identified with bright packaging, and each nutritional requirement and life choice was colour-coded.

Retailers Woolworths, Coles, and Franklins joined the Australian Food and Grocery Council in a push toward the Daily Intake Guide at the beginning of the month, with a plan to adopt the labelling system on private label products.

The Daily Intake Guide labelling will appear on the majority of private label products on supermarket shelves over the next two years.