Woolworths recruits surfing stars for latest advertising campaign

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 22nd February 2017

Woolworths has turned to Aussie surfing stars to help promote its supermarkets and healthy food choices.

In a series of new video advertisements, six-time World Champion surfer, Stephanie Gilmore, challenges rising surfing star and “junk food enthusiast”, Sabre Norris, to try some of Woolworths’ healthier foods.

One ad shows Gilmore blindfolding 12-year-old Norris to trick her into trying a smoothie made with fruit and vegetables.

Norris likes the smoothie and says she might even stop eating doughnuts before surfing and have a smoothie instead.

Andrew Hicks, Woolworths Director of Marketing, said surfing is at the heart of Australian culture so Woolworths is excited to be working with the two surfers.

“Through our partnership with Surfing Australia and this video series created with two inspiring athletes we are proud to be encouraging healthy eating habits among young Australians,” he said.

The video will feature on social media and YouTube.

As part of Woolworths’ sponsorship of Surfing Australia, the supermarket is also giving away free fruit to children at various surfing events.


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