Tests of “faeces ice-cream” prove inconclusive

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 6th November 2008

Further laboratory of a faeces sample provided from the much-publicised ice-cream incident at the Coogee Bay Hotel in Sydney have proved inconclusive as to its origin, Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald said.

“Tests by the NSW Food Authority have been unable to determine the origin of the faecal sample because of insufficient good quality DNA material in the sample,” he advised. “An earlier test showed that it was faecal matter, but was unable to determine if it came from a human or an animal.”

Over a month ago a family went to the Coogee Bay Hotel for a meal and were reportedly given a complimentary ice-cream following a series of complaints. Faeces were discovered in the dessert, but how they got there remains a mystery.

“The Food Authority will now seek to test a second sample – one that the complainant had independently tested earlier,” Minister Macdonald added. “Hopefully this will help shed light on the source of the sample and assist the Authority in its investigation.”

Minister Macdonald said he was keeping an open mind on the investigation.

“It’s important that we don’t rush to make any hasty conclusions on this matter,” he said. “We have to wait until all the evidence has been gathered and analysed and allow due process to take its course.”

The second DNA test is anticipated to take approximately a week.