Name and Shame list getting a 15 name “boost” each week

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 12th November 2008

An Auburn business fined for allowing live vermin in a food storage area is one of a further 23 businesses to have made it onto the Food Authority’s pioneering name and shame website this week, Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald said today.

“From today, the website shows the details of 253 food businesses in NSW that have received fines for 401 violations of food safety laws,” Mr Macdonald reported. “In the four months since the site was launched, the Authority is publishing the names of an average of 15 premises each week for an average of 25 offences a week.”

“Thirty-seven local councils have issued 338 penalty notices since website publication began – with Penrith City Council and the City of Sydney Council leading with 60 and 43 respectively – with the Food Authority issuing 61 fines.”

Fines range from $330 to $1100 for infringements that have included having unclean premises, allowing pests into food preparation areas and failing to store foods under proper temperature control.

This week’s list includes 33 new fines at 23 premises, including:

* an Auburn mixed business fined $330 for allowing live vermin in food storage area
* a sushi restaurant in Rhodes fined $330 for failing to display potentially hazardous foods under temperature control
* a Darlinghurst restaurant fined $330 three times for unclean equipment, failing to maintain walls and ceilings and failing to provide warm running water to a hand washing facility
* a Brookvale restaurant chain fined a total of $1320 for two hygiene-related offences.