British food shoppers reliving the 70s

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 25th November 2008

It’s not just the economy that is being compared to the 1970s. Sales of foods from the decade that brought us flares and fondues and ABBA and Abigail’s Party are also enjoying a revival according to the latest figures released by UK retailer Waitrose.

In a week in which popular chef Gordon Ramsay will present his special retro-inspired Cookalong TV programme in Britain, the supermarket last week reported sales of Scampi have rocketed by 80% and King Prawns have risen by 50%. Cheesecake, which was considered the height of culinary sophistication 30 years ago, is also proving popular with sales soaring by 74% compared with this time last year. Even cider is in vogue – sales at Waitrose are currently up 11%.

Prawn Cocktail

Gordon Ramsay, whose show is reported to be watched by 2.5 million viewers, taught Brits how to prepare prawn cocktail, Steak Diane and mandarin cheesecake over the weekend – expecting to further spark interest in 70s classics.

“It is a well known theory that hemlines reflect the economy, which must mean we are in for a winter of long skirts, but what has not been recognised until now is that our eating habits subliminally mirror the fiscal way of the world too,” Waitrose Executive Chef, Neil Nugent. “As a result, we at Waitrose are laying in extra stock of all the ingredients needed for cheese and pineapple sticks, Beef Stroganoff and Black Forest Gateau.”