Nestlé looking to discover new generation of sport nutrition products

Posted by Isobel Drake on 28th November 2008

Nestlé has announced the launch of a new research programme on the specific nutritional needs of athletes engaged in different kinds of sports, in a bid to strengthen the company’s commitment to promoting sporting integrity through nutrition. The programme will provide data to help support a more personalised approach to sports nutrition in the future which, in time, should lead to a new generation of personalised sports nutrition products for leading athletes.

The announcement comes in the wake of the 5th International Nutrition Symposium on food and performance held at the Nestlé Research Center last month, which explored the importance of nutrition in elite physical performance. The key findings of the event, which were made public today in the presence of Werner Bauer, Nestlé CTO, and Richard Laube, Nestlé Nutrition CEO, include the fact that a good diet has a much greater potential than previously recognised to improve physical performance.

In his keynote speech, David Hemery, a former Olympic champion and founder of the 21st Century Legacy Project, underlined the importance of athletes achieving elite performances through talent, hard work and determination as role models for youth.

Nestlé has reported a goal to become the world leading health and wellness company by providing foods that can improve the wellbeing of consumers. Their Research Center in Lausanne is at the forefront of their endeavours as they seek to, among other things, make food more personalised.