Australian beer beats 100 to claim prized spot at Asda

Posted by Editorial on 9th December 2008

Lucky Beer, an Australian brew, has beaten a range of other lagers to win Asda’s beer competition, providing them with an enviable position on the shelves of the UK supermarket.

Asda, a subsidiary of Wal-Mart and now the UK’s second biggest supermarket by market share, offered the prize of a 12-week listing at their stores to the winner of their beer competition – which attracted over 100 entries.

“In the current climate, it’s essential that new beers offer real a point of difference,” Michael Cook of Kent-based Pierhead Purchasing, which has brought Lucky Beer to the UK, said. “Lucky has an ultra stylish appearance and high production values, which we expect will create excitement among ASDA’s customers.”

Jill Wilson, ASDA’s beer buyer, believed the competition had unveiled some high quality products. “We were really pleased with the calibre of all the entries and are very excited by winning beers, which will give our customers a chance to try new, quality products,” he said.