Top 5 takeovers 2008

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 30th December 2008

Continuing our Top 5 lists, is a take on five of the biggest takeovers in the food and beverage industry in Australia and around the world.

1. The biggest of them all in the food industry this year… Belgian Budweiser. Who would have thought that America’s iconic Budweiser brand would fall into the hands of a foreign company?

In-Bev, owner of the Stella Artois brand – among many others, climbed to the top as the world’s biggest beer company by taking over Anheuser Busch. The deal, worth a staggering US$52b, was officially finalised last month, after the deal had threatened to turn hostile earlier this year – before the two sides eventually came to an amicable agreement.

2. Mars – Wrigley: The Mars empire expanded this year with the acquisition of the world’s largest gum maker – Wrigley’s. The US$23b deal enabled Mars to take over the crown of the world’s largest confectioner – usurping Cadbury.

3. National Foods – Dairy Farmers: Back home, and the race for Australian dairy co-op Dairy Farmers was fierce in the dairy industry. In the end National Foods, a subsidiary of Japan’s Kirin Holdings, won the battle with an A$910m bid.

4. Suntory – Frucor: Danone’s Frucor was put up for sale after Groupe Danone decided it did not fit-in with their plans for the future. The Japanese food and beverage firm purchased the owner of the popular energy drink brand ‘V’ for $1.2b.

5. Heinz – Golden Circle: Completing the list is the $288m acquisition of fruit and vegetable processor Golden Circle by food giant Heinz.

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