Boost takes brand to China

Posted by Isobel Drake on 23rd January 2009

Boost Juice Bars, one of Australia’s most successful franchises, is the latest Australian company to take its brand to China with Shanghai to be the entry point.

Boost, which opened its first store in Adelaide in 2000, already has 190 stores operating in Australia and has now set up in 16 countries. The company yesterday announced it had signed a franchising deal worth over $1 million to set up 100 stores in China over the next 10 years. The decision comes after studying the differences between Australian and Chinese consumers, which has led to a sweeter menu with traditional Chinese fruits such as lychees to be used.

The master franchisee is Dash Brands, an American company, which also announced this week that they would be taking the Gloria Jean’s brand to China this year.

Boost has altered their brand name to a Chinese name, which means “A hundred happy colours and flavours in a cup”, due to a lack of a suitable translation of ‘Boost’ into Chinese; but, name aside, the branding will be largely unchanged.