Australia Day food debate heats up

Posted by Editorial on 26th January 2009

Watch out Sam Kekovich, 2009’s Australia Day battle is about to heat up with Macadamias looking to take the position as Australia’s most Australian fare.

“Macadamia nuts are more Australian than lamb – they are native to Australia and were eaten by Aborigines long before the English settlers came to our shores with their lamb,” Australian Macadamia Society’s CEO, Jolyon Burnett, said.

Burnett says it is time for Mr Kekovich to come clean and let Australians know the truth – The macadamia nut is more Australian than lamb.

In an act of solidarity, Australian Macadamia growers have developed a recipe for Australia Day 2009 to show there are no hard feelings – BBQ Lamb with Macadamia and semi dried tomato pesto.

“Macadamias are truly an Australian icon. And like Sam’s, my message is loud and clear – it would be un-Australian not to celebrate our national day without a handful or two of macadamias on the menu,” Mr Burnett concluded.

This all leads us to our Australia Day question: what is the most Australian food?

The lamington, damper, the ANZAC biscuit, prawns on the ‘barby’ or perhaps Vegemite? And does a foreign-owned company taking over an iconic brand (e.g. Kraft-Vegemite) make the product any less Australian given it is still produced here?

Please feel free to leave your opinions below.