Australia Day offers opportunity for exporters

Posted by Isobel Drake on 26th January 2009

While the nation stopped to celebrate Australia day, Australian exporters and Austrade were hoping to make the most of the heightened international awareness of Australia and help enhance international trade and investment opportunities.
Austrade’s Chief Economist Tim Harcourt said that, in a globalised world, Australia day was increasingly becoming a global event, offering many opportunities for Australian business to leverage the Australian brand. “It is important in the current international economic climate that Australian business is given every opportunity to maximise their engagement with international markets,” he advised. “From New York to Seoul, from London to Delhi and Dubai, Australia day represents the chance to the show the world the best of what Australia has to offer.”
“Across the world Australian embassies, business chambers and expat communities will be celebrating the nation and working with Austrade to stage events to highlight our business strengths,” he noted. “In the Obama’s new America, G’day USA is being held again from coast to coast in LA, San Francisco and New York, promoting Australian expertise in areas as diverse as art, food, wine, fashion, tourism and business services.”

“There is also G’day UK commencing this year – a great opportunity to capitalise on the extensive Australian corporate network in London to strengthen Australian exporters’ considerable market share amongst UK consumers and businesses,” Mr Harcourt added. “In South Korea, our third largest export market, the Grand Hyatt in Seoul is hosting a gala event themed ‘Colours of Australia’ to highlight Australian business capability and the many facets of Australian lifestyle and culture, from Aussie fashion and food to GM Holden’s entirely Australian-built limousine, the Veritas.”

“In the Gulf, the Grand Hyatt in Dubai will host an event aimed at the 15,000 Australian expatriates who are delivering Australian business expertise to the region. (Meanwhile), in New Delhi, the importance of January 26th to both India and Australia will be highlighted by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s first official visit to India.”

“Australia has a good fighting spirit in the face of adversity… Many Australian businesses are well-placed to look to opportunities arising beyond the current downturn as our key trading partners begin to transition towards recovery,” Mr Harcourt concluded.