Sunny Queen in “industry-first” egg launch

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 30th January 2009

Australia’s Sunny Queen Farms is set to launch an industry-first product into the egg market.

The Australian egg brand, which last year recorded the third greatest value growth of any of the Top 100 FMCG Manufacturers – according to Nielsen, has developed the Natural Grain Cage Free egg in response to consumer demand for a more affordable cage free option.

Sunny Queen Cage Free eggs are laid by hens that are free to roam inside large, open sided barns where they can spread their wings, socialise, perch and lay their eggs in nests, the company advised.

The hens are also fed on a diet of natural, Australian grown grains which are 100% free of animal proteins, in a bid to also appeal toward a growing number of consumers looking for more natural foods. A consumer trend that many manufacturers appear to be noticing, with ‘natural’ the biggest buzz word for new product launches last year.

The national campaign, developed by BCM, to support what the company suggests is an industry-first launch, begins on February 1 and coincides with the national ranging of Natural Grain Cage Free.

“After extensive research we learnt that many Australians would prefer to buy a Cage Free egg but simply can’t afford the extra money for Barn Laid or Free Range,” Julie Proctor, National Marketing Manager, Sunny Queen Farms said. “So we developed a new Cage Free farming practice, involving automated feeding and egg collection, which produces affordable, fresh Natural Grain Cage Free eggs that cost only around 5c per egg more than regular cage eggs.”