Coca-Cola showcases up-and-coming products and innovations

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 20th November 2017

DASANI PureFill, a new Coca-Cola Company water dispenser

Coca-Cola has revealed some of its up-and-coming beverage innovations at an investors day in the United States.

A number of products designed for different international markets were showcased. It was the first event of its kind for Coca-Cola since 2009.

Products and technology showcased on the day included:

Arctic Coke

A special cooler which turns a cold bottle of drink into a slushy within a couple of seconds. Arctic Coke was developed in partnership with former NASA engineers.

Coke is currently testing 500 units across the US, primarily in convenience stores.

Coca-Cola Stevia No Sugar

Coca-Cola is set to launch a No Sugar Coke variety sweetened only with stevia. The beverage is planned to roll out in the US in the first half of 2018.

Coca-Cola launched its new No Sugar Coke in Australia in June 2017.

Customised Beverage Technology

Taking their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign to another level, Coca-Cola says its planning to offer custom recipes in personalised packaging that it will sell online.

Digital Commerce

Coca-Cola is partnering with US meal delivery service Chef’d to pair its beverages with menu items. Coke is also exploring how to suggest beverages when meals are ordered through artificial intelligence with Chef’d.

Connected Coolers

Coca-Cola is using technology to advance its beverage coolers including wiring them to track inventory and to count the times a customer opens the door.

Proximity beacons in the coolers can send tailored coupons and offers to near-by customers who have a Coke mobile app.


A water dispenser that allows people to fill their own water bottles with filtered water and optional flavours for a small fee.

The machine was developed at a US hackathon and is currently being trailed on a university campus.


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