UK supermarket involves customers in their food selection process

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 16th February 2009

Upmarket UK retailer Waitrose has become the first supermarket to invite customers to help shape the future of their food with an exclusive online club.

MyWaitrose launched last week with a personal invitation to join from Waitrose MD Mark Price.

The site gives members exclusive behind the scenes access to the development of new products and to the experts and food producers that create them. They will be rewarded with monthly special offers to taste and critique new as well as existing products, and invited to meet Waitrose Buyers at VIP customer tasting events.

“We will be the first supermarket to involve customers in the biggest ever tasting panel. Our customers are foodies – they either love good food or love cooking so we want to hear what they have to say about our new products and services,” Richard Hodgson, Commercial Director Waitrose, explained. “MyWaitrose will engage with them on a totally new level, offering a unique insight into the world of Waitrose and food retailing. ”

Inviting customers to join Mr Price asked customers to help them make Waitrose supermarkets “even better”. “Whether gourmet or everyday, we aspire to sell the very best quality, but until now, we haven’t asked our customers to help make our products even better. That’s all going to change. I hope you’d like to make your supermarket even better – and if you would, please sign up today,” he said.