The story of McDonald’s is hitting cinemas

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th May 2016

A movie telling the tale of how one man helped turn McDonald’s into a global franchise will be released in August 2016.

‘The Founder’ follows the life of Ray Kroc, an American man who did not establish the first McDonald’s restaurant but came on board after recognising its franchise potential.

McDonald’s was first established as one California-based restaurant in 1940 opened by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The brothers went on to set up a small-sized chain which used the“Speedee Service System” (applying the principals of product line manufacturing to food service).

The movie follows as Kroc comes on board and expands the business as a franchise across America. In doing so he established an innovative franchise model only allowing franchisees to open one store at a time. This was different than the franchise models of the time and allowed Kroc to maintain control and standardisation within the restaurants.

Although little is known about the movie yet it is expected to also explore issues Kroc and the McDonald’s brothers experienced when Kroc brought the business from tem in 1961.
Kroc is played by US-actor Michael Keaton. The movie is planned for release in Australia on 26 August 2016.