Private label leader continues branded grocery push

Posted by Editorial on 17th March 2009

As major supermarkets around the world continue to diversify their range of private labels, UK private label pioneer Marks & Spencer has extended a trial of branded foods in their stores.

The famous UK institution and quintessential private label retailer announced last May that they would offer around 350 branded products in 19 of their outlets and the trial will now be extended to 20 more stores, suppliers told The Financial Times.

“This trial aims to offer customers greater convenience but not to change the unique positioning of the M&S brand in food,” the company said last year.

Marks & Spencer made the move after a number of their customers indicated a strong demand for household brand names like Coca-Cola, Marmite and Heinz Ketchup. “I’ve had customers come up to me and say ‘Stuart, I love your food but my Johnny loves Marmite,'” Chief Executive of M&S, Sir Stuart Rose, told The Sunday Telegraph upon the intitial launch.