GroceryChoice revamp begins to take shape as Choice partners with consultancy firm

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 3rd April 2009

New GroceryChoice data released this week indicates Woolworths is now cheapest for the total basket price in 42 of the 61 regions surveyed, while Choice has reported a new partnership that will guide the development of the new site.

Results in March represented a major turnaround after Coles had been the cheapest in 36 of the 61 regions in the previous survey.

In all the states and territories the cheapest price of the total baskets varies from $159.36 for Woolworths in the Brisbane region to $166.41 at the same chain in Northern Tasmania.

Aldi again had the cheapest basic staples basket in all 40 of the regions where they operate. The basket comprises more than 60 products including home brands, fresh meat and produce and cereals.

The GroceryChoice website was taken over by consumer group Choice in February, with the consumer advocates destined to relaunch the site in the second half of the year.

Choice reports that they will team with consultancy firm SMS Management & Technology to rebuild GroceryChoice utilising a range of innovative technologies and applications. A technical team of ten from SMS is now embedded at the Choice headquarters in Sydney.

The new-look GroceryChoice will be hosted on Amazon’s EC2 service in what’s known as cloud computing, which provides enormous capacity and flexibility in storing large amounts of data and making it universally available.

SMS is working with Choice to incorporate Google Maps for store location and other Web2.0 features to deliver opportunities for consumers to access as well as contribute material.