Arnott’s and Krispy Kreme reach agreement over doughnut battle

Posted by Editorial on 30th April 2009

Doughnut maker Krispy Kreme has agreed to banish the name Iced Dough-Vo from their new ‘Australiana’ range from May 11 after being threatened with legal action by Arnott’s.

A letter was sent by lawyers on behalf of Arnott’s to Krispy Kreme last week requesting the US-owned chain stop selling their Iced Dough-Vo offering due to claims it violated their Iced Vo-Vo trademark – which they first registered in 1906.

The product was added as part of an Australiana theme running until June 8 but Arnott’s threatened injunctions and damages if the product was not removed last week. The doughnut resembled the iconic Australian biscuit Iced Vo-Vo and could mislead due to the similar name, Arnott’s contended.

Krispy Kreme appeared unconcerned by the threat of legal action last week vowing to continue selling the product as planned, but a statement released today by the two companies said they had reached a truce. The product is expected to be sold after May 11, but with a different name.