The evolution of Australia’s eating habits, Roy Morgan Research

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 20th March 2017

Roy Morgan Research has conducted a study into Australia’s eating habits over the past decade, discovering a lot has changed.

Café culture boom

 According to Roy Morgan, one of the biggest changes over the past ten years is Australia’s increasing interest in visiting cafes.

In 2006, 51.1 per cent of Australians 14 and older visited a café for a coffee or tea at least once every three months. In 2016, 58.9 per cent of the population are now going to a café at least once every three months for a coffee or tea.

In 2006, 40.8 per cent of Australians went to a café for food at least once every four months while now 48.2 per cent of Australians do so.

The pub is not just for drinking anymore

 Gone are the days when pub meals were only eaten when need-be, Roy Morgan says more Australians are now going to the pub to eat, with menus catering to the modern foodie.

In 2016, 45 per cent of Australians ate at the pub at least once every three months whilst only 38.8 per cent did in 2006.

Our cafe, restaurant, fast food and home delivery habits: 2006 vs 2016

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), January-December 2006 (n=24,421) and January-December 2016 (n=14,330). Base: Australians 14+

 Australians get more food delivered

 With the introduction of services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo, more Australians are getting food delivered, increasing from 12.5 per cent to 14.2 per cent of the population.

Aussies are eating slightly more fast food in general as well, with 58.2 per cent of people doing so in 2016, compared to 57.1 per cent in 2006.

Changing attitudes to eating out, taste and health: 2006 vs. 2016

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), January-December 2006 (n=24,421) and January-December 2016 (n=14,330). Base: Australians 14+

 Norma Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research, said the fact that more Australians are dining out at eateries of various descriptions than they were 10 years ago speaks volumes about our ongoing obsession with food and gourmet culture.

“With TV cooking shows and celebrity chefs as popular as ever, it’s almost a matter of pride for many people to visit the latest restaurant or café before their friends: home-delivered pizza just won’t cut it anymore,” Morris said.


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