Queensland health boss backtracks on stockpile suggestion

Posted by Editorial on 4th May 2009

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer has now distanced herself from advice suggesting Queenslanders stockpile food in preparation for a possible outbreak of swine flu.

Dr Jeannette Young told ABC Radio on Friday that it could be a good idea to purchase more frozen and tinned food, but over the weekend fell in line with the prevailing Federal Government view that stockpiling is unnecessary and will cause needless panic.

“Queenslanders do not need to stockpile food at the present time,” she said on Saturday. “I would just like to clarify that.”

The message from Dr Young echoes that of the Federal Government as the swine flu threat appears to ease, with the underlying message that there remains no need for panic or alarm in Australia – a message that unfortunately not all have heeded as there has been a run on face masks, medications and canned food in some areas.

“We certainly are not advising people that there’s any need at this stage for them to make particular provision in their own pantries,” Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon advised on Friday.