Wagyu Quality Shines at Hog’s for Branded Beef Competition

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th March 2019

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The pinnacle of Australian beef was on show at Hog’s this past week when it hosted the Australian Wagyu Association’s largest-ever Wagyu Branded Beef Competition at its Cleveland head office on March 14.

Samples of Australia’s highest quality and most expensive beef, including numerous marble score 9 and 9+ (Australia’s highest possible) striploins, arrived from around the country for judging by a panel of the nation’s top chefs and commentators.

Hog’s Corporate Chef John Alexander, who’s also been the Executive Chef for the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition for the past four years, was responsible for the preparation and cooking of the esteemed entries.

Chef John Alexander delivered the steaks masterfully, enabling the samples to express their rich complexity in strict accordance with the competition protocols, and showcasing the quality of Australia’s homegrown produce.

“Whilst our signature steak is an 18-hour slow cooked Prime Rib, it’s important as a chef and representative of Hog’s to be abreast of what’s happening across the Australian Beef Industry,” said Chef John Alexander. 

“We had a great time hosting this year’s Wagyu Branded Beef competition, and I’m excited to see where the industry goes next.” 

Some of the judges’ comments include: “Enjoyable chewy yet tender and silky. Very juicy – almost a burst of juiciness which lasted”. “Buttery flavour with cereal yet beefy aroma”. “Visible marbling lines and well marbled”. “Appearance was amazing, burst of juice on the first bite, creamy fresh flavour.”

AWA Wagyu Branded Beef Coordinator, Ron Fitzgerald stated, “Hog’s CEO, Ross Worth, Operations Manager Paul Piert, and Corporate Chef John Alexander, as well as other staff, were extremely, genuinely hospitable and helpful to ensure the smooth running of another successful AWA Wagyu Branded Beef Competition. I would like to thank Hog’s for all their assistance and wish them all the best in any future Wagyu endeavours. The 2019 event had the most steak entries since its inception and the highest number of overall entries as well.”

AWA CEO Matt McDonough said, “The setting and facilities provided by Hog’s at Raby Bay in Brisbane were a perfect match to the entries in this year’s Wagyu Branded Beef Competition. The pinnacle of Australian beef was assessed by a peer group of Australia’s top chefs and commentators. The level of quality in this year’s entries was exceptional.”

The winners of the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition will be announced during the Association’s annual conference in Adelaide, 8-10 May 2019.