Alcopops tax forces early start to Parliament

Posted by Editorial on 12th May 2009

Parliament will resume earlier than usual today as the Federal Government endeavours to push through their controversial alcopops tax.

The tax on ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages has been collected for over a year despite legislation approving the tax hike failing to get Senate approval. Earlier this year it was voted down by the Coalition and Family First Senator Steve Fielding with the Government forced to introduce new legislation in a bid to get it passed.

It appears a forlorn hope that the Bill will get majority support as the coalition remains steadfast in their opinion that it is merely a tax grab, while Mr Fielding has indicated that it will only have his support if alcohol advertising during daytime sports programs is banned.

Another Bill will be introduced to validate the collection of the alcopops tax for the past year, which is expected to pass unopposed.