Search for suitable Chairman continues at Patties

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 18th May 2009

Patties Foods, the Australian makers of Four ‘n Twenty pies, has reported “unforseen delays” in their attempts to find a suitable Chairman following the resignation of Peter Kempen in November last year.

Acting Chairman Ernest Barr admitted that the search was taking longer than forecast upon providing an update to the market this morning.

“Our Search Consultants, after extensive research, compiled lists of potential candidates in February – March 2009,” he advised. “A list of eight highly qualified candidates – none associated with our Company – was presented to the PFL Board on 23 April 2009.”

The Board was impressed by the candidates, Mr Barr added, with the Lead Search Consultant directed to contact each candidate to determine their interest in Chairmanship.

The Consultant continues to meet with the candidates but a decision is not expected for at least a few weeks.

“It is disappointing there have been unforseen delays, but to ensure a robust and independent recruitment, the Board is committed to maintaining due process,” Mr Barr advised. “We are confident that we will be able to announce an appointment in June – July 2009.”