Coca-Cola Amatil teams with fast-food chain for new recycling initiative

Posted by Janice Wong on 29th May 2009

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has partnered with Oporto in Sydney and Visy Recycling to trial specially designed recycling bins in 13 Oporto outlets. This initiative, if extended to all NSW stores, could see up to 7 tonnes of bottles and cans per month being diverted from landfill and sent to Visy to be processed for reuse.

Oporto customers eating at selected Oporto outlets in Sydney can now make sure their empty beverage bottles and cans are kept out of landfill by utilising the new recycling bins.

Jon Dee, founder and chairman of Do Something said that there are too few recycling bins in public places in Australia, and, as a result, too many cans and bottles are not being recycled.

“Far too many cans and bottles are ending up in landfill. That’s why this move to install recycling bins in places like Oporto is so welcome,” he said.

Jeff Fisher, CEO of Oporto said the recycling initiative would further their environmental push to reduce waste in stores, adding to their reduction of plastic bags by 99 per cent across all stores by their switch to paper based products.

“We anticipate customers will be just as committed as we are in doing their bit for the environment. With this in mind, our plan is to expand the program into as many Oporto stores as possible,” he continued.

Visy’s General Manager of Public Affairs, Lee Smith said that every PET bottle or can that is diverted from landfill would reduce future greenhouse gas creation and would be used to make other products.

“The recycled PET and aluminium is used to make products like carpet, fabric and of course new drink containers.”

The initiative was developed by CCA, Visy and Oporto in recognition of the fact that Australians are great recyclers at home, and can be equally as vigilant about recycling when they’re out and about provided they can access the right bins and are encouraged to use them.

To assist this effort, the unique Coca-Cola bin was designed using the national bin coding colour standards that are instantly recognised by the public. The Coke-bottle shaped aperture in the lid makes it clear that the bins are for beverage containers only.