Woolworths receives influx of good and bad feedback over “Special Persons’ Day” cake

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 4th September 2017

Woolworths has received an avalanche of positive and negative feedback after deciding to sell a cake decorated with the words “Special Persons’ Day” on Father’s Day.

Over the weekend and continuing into Monday, customers have taken to Woolworths’ Facebook page to either praise or criticise the cake that was sold alongside Father’s Day cakes.

While some customers have thanked Woolworths for providing an option for those celebrating someone else other than a father, others said it was “PC gone crazy” or “demeaning Father’s Day”.

Responding to one of the Facebook complaints which said “yesterday was Father’s Day and not Special Persons’ Day”, Woolworths said they were currently looking into the cake display but that it wanted to re-assure that it was helping all customers celebrate Father’s Day through its displays products and recipe ideas.

Woolworths said cropped out of the image which accompanied the cake was the other cakes decorated with “Dad” and “Happy Father’s Day”.

Australian Food News contacted for comment prior to the publication of this article but did not receive a response.


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